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First Porsche Destination Charger Available in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Published in Auto News
Olivier Maumaire- General Manager of Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre, Francesca Fares- Porsche E-Performance Manager and Savina Ramkissoon- Porsche Marketing and PR Manager (L to R)

Port of Spain. Porsche Centre Trinidad and Tobago proudly unveiled their first destination charger at Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre. Now customers can conveniently, and safely, charge their full electric and plug-in hybrid Porsche vehicles at the hotel situated in Port of Spain while dining at one of the five in-house restaurants or if enjoying a staycation to take a break from everyday stress.

The Porsche Taycan, Porsche’s first full electric vehicle, was launched locally in February 2021 and has been a hot topic with the Government’s recent plans in motion to increase the penetration of electric vehicles in the market. This is in keeping with Trinidad and Tobago’s commitments to the Paris Agreement to reduce overall emissions from three sectors by 15% by 2030. Porsche expects at least 80% of their vehicles sold globally to be electric by 2030 (partially or full). The sportscar manufacturer reported 17% of their vehicles sold globally last year were electrified.

Porsche E-Performance also means charging wherever you happen to be whether at home, the highway, in the city or even during your run to the mall.

“The objective by Lifestyle Motors Limited is to install five destination chargers publicly available to Porsche customers to start 2022 and continue to find locations to provide accessibility to all owners”, said Francesca Fares, Porsche E-Performance Manager.

The structure at Hilton Hotel facilitates 2 charging ports with 100kW-h charging capacity each. This is the first location of many, and the Porsche Trinidad Team has already identified two more locations before the end of this year.

“Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre is on a mission to redefine sustainable travel and tourism through ‘Travel with Purpose’, the company’s corporate responsibility strategy. We are committed to cutting our environmental footprint in half by implementing different initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.” Olivier Maumaire, General Manager- Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre. “It was the natural next step to partner with another leading global brand like Porsche to add electric vehicle charging stations to the hotel. The addition of these electric vehicle charging stations is the latest example of our unique ability to anticipate what our guests are looking for and consistently deliver unique, local experiences. Through our partnership with Porsche, our guests can easily recharge their vehicles overnight, or top off their battery during a meeting at the hotel. We feel privileged to offer environmentally conscious solutions so our guests can enjoy their stay and check out, knowing that their carbon footprint won't be left behind.”

Porsche was always a brand known for being ahead of the pack on the racetrack and in technology. They strongly believe that technology is good when it adapts to our everyday life needs, not vice versa. For E-Performance Porsche refers to destination chargers as ‘The Porsche way of charging. We are driving forward together with you in the direction of the future. And we’ll never stand still’.  

Olivier Maumaire, General Manager- Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre



Customer plugging in their Porsche Taycan to charge
Olivier Maumaire- General Manager of Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre, Francesca Fares- Porsche E-Performance Manager and Savina Ramkissoon- Porsche Marketing and PR Manager (L to R)


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