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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:03 pm    Post subject: TRANSFER FEES in T&T... Reply with quote


How to transfer your car in T&T.
You must register with the Trinidad & Tobago Transport Division any time you wish to buy, sell or change ownership of a motor vehicle. The registered owner and the new owner together must apply for a change of ownership within seven days of the sale or transfer. You must be at least 17 years old to change ownership of a vehicle.

Changing ownership of a motor vehicle and vehicle safety inspection can only be done at the Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago offices.

How do I change ownership?
The registered owner and the new owner must complete the transfer together and submit the following documents to the Transport Division office.

    • Complete Change of Ownership Form No. 11
    • Vehicle registration certificate and valid insurance certificate.
    • Valid national ID card or passport for both the registered and new owner.
    • Receipt of sale (where applicable).
    • Prescribed transfer tax and fee.

The application is processed on the same day.

How much does it cost?
The transfer fee is TT$10.00. The transfer taxes vary according to the (license) age of the vehicle:

New Transfer Taxes (as of October 1 2009):
$6000.00 - Under 2 years
$4500.00 - Over 2 years but not over 5 years
$3000.00 - Over 5 years but not over 7 years
$1350.00 - Over 7 years but not over 10 years
$0150.00 - Over 10 years

    • Complete the Transfer Form which is obtained at the information counter
    • Take the vehicle to the Inspection Shed
    • Return to the main office until called to the transfer counter
    • Pay at cashier (usually closes at 3:00 pm)
    • Done

    • Both parties must be present at the counter
    • Both parties must each have two (2) forms of identification
    • A Receipt with the new owner's name must be presented
    • Insurance in the name of the buyer must be presented (cover note will suffice)
    • Transfer must be effected within seven days of Sales Receipt

Licensing Offices in T&T where transfers can be done:
    Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
    By-Pass, San Fernando
    Milford Road, Tobago

Taxes are applied to date of 1st registration in Trinidad & Tobago (license plate series), not year of manufacture.

PA_ series
PAN Dec 1983-Mar 1984
PAO Mar 1984-Jul 1984
PAP Aug 1984-Jan 1985
PAR Jan 1985-Jul 1985
PAS Aug 1985-Jan 1986
PAT Jan 1986-Jul 1986
PAU Jun 1986-Nov 1987
PAW Nov 1987-Jan 1990
PAX Jan 1990-Dec 1991
PAY Dec 1991-Jun 1993
PAZ Jun 1993-Jun 1995

PB_ series
PBA Jun 1995-Jul 1996
PBB Jul 1996-Jun 1997
PBC Jun 1997-Jan 1998
PBD Jan 1998-Jul 1998
PBE Jul 1998-Dec 1998
PBF Dec 1998-Jun 1999
PBG Jun 1999-Nov 1999
PBH Nov 1999-May 2000
PBJ Jun 2000-Jan 2001
PBK Jan 2001-Jul 2001
PBL Jul 2001-Jan 2002
PBM Jan 2002-Jul 2002
PBN Jul 2002-Dec 2002
PBO Dec 2002-May 2003
PBP May 2003-Oct 2003
PBR Nov 2003-Mar 2004
PBS Apr 2004-Aug 2004
PBT Aug 2004-Nov 2004
PBU Dec 2004-Apr 2005
PBW Apr 2005-Jul 2005
PBX Aug 2005-Oct 2005
PBY Nov 2005-Mar 2006
PBZ Apr 2006-Jun 2006

PC_ series
PCA Jul 2006-Aug 2006
PCB Oct 2006-Dec 2006
PCC Jan 2007-Apr 2007
PCD Apr 2007-Jul 2007
PCE Jul 2007-Oct 2007
PCF Oct 2007-Dec 2007
PCH Jan 2008-Apr 2008
PCJ May 2008-Aug 2008
PCK Aug 2008-Jan 2009
PCL Jan 2009-May 2009
PCM May 2009-Sep 2009
PCN Sep 2009-Feb 2010
PCP Feb 2010-Jul 2010
PCR Jul 2010-Nov 2010
PCS Nov 2010-Jun 2011
PCT Jun 2011-Dec 2011
PCU Jan 2012-Jun 2012
PCW Jun 2012-Sep 2012
PCX Sep 2012-Jan 2013
PCY Jan 2013-Jun 2013
PCZ Jun 2013-Sep 2013

PD_ series
PDA Sep 2013-Feb 2014
PDB Feb 2014-March 2014
PDC Apr 2014-Jul 2014
PDD Jul 2014-TBD
PDG TBD-Present

thanks to the users SRASC, uttamj, sweeks and MrSammy for gathering and updating this info
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