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Solodex 2 - Arima Race Club


Giving the tarmac at Pier II a rest, the Creative Auto Recreational Sports (CARS) team put on another sucessful Solodex competition as they returned to Arima Race Club's massive car park.

  • Written by Kavita
  • Category: Autocross

Solodex 1 2005 Pier2


The safety-cone negotiating has begun as CARS kicks off their championship for Solodex 2005. The field was well spread this event with alot of daily drivers taking to the course.
  • Written by Kavita
  • Category: Autocross

CARS Solodex 6 2004

CARS Solodex 6 2004Dubbed "Death by Punga" by the CARS executive, this course was worthy of being the last. The fat lady even sang and made the rain come down as dexers made their way around the cones, chocking a few in the process. Red Bull was on hand to revitalise the drivers after a hard night before and their representative, Tricia got her fair share of attention. First timers included a silver 350Z which was a joy to behold as it snarled around "Death by Punga" while Tim's Lotus Caterham 7 and Kirk's Turbo CVT Exi? did not disappoint. Mark showed everyone how to drift an automatic March in the wet and Crix finally found the handbrake. The Ho's Kirk (Ho Hing) & Wesly (Honda Ho) really made their rounds this time around driving everyone else's car. Even the Buntah Wagon got a piece o' the Punga.

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Autocross

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