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PTRT resets, then Mohamed’s reclaims Guyana’s track record!

Sheldon Bissessar broke the South Dakota dragstrip track record with a 7.2-second conservative shakedown pass in his Spitzer dragster on Saturday afternoon at the GMRSC’s 1320 Showdown International Drag Race Meet. It was his only run down Guyana’s quarter-mile for the weekend. Fellow Trini drivers Miguel Pustam and Kervin Rebeiro also completed initial test passes into Sunday, but an hours-long rainstorm stopped the entire meet. Mere moments before the track was soaked, Team Mohamed’s Clint Satterfield reclaimed the track record for Guyana with a near-perfect 7.0-second run in their Pro Mod Mustang. After the rains, Kervin Rebiero led the Trini return salvo. After a powerful launch, he skidded off the track on his run, and slowly rolled onto the hood. He was unhurt and the car damage was only cosmetic, but the window had closed for any further runs. 

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Drags

AUTOSPORT Drag and Wind

D&W #7, staged on 20th September proved that not withstanding the challenge, with a good concept, one can stage an exciting Event. For those who participated they thoroughly enjoyed a full day of racing, even when the rains came and tried to interrupt the fun.

  • Written by Kavita
  • Category: Drags

AutoSport Drag and Wind 1 - 2015

AutoSport Racing launched its 2015 Drag and Wind(ing) series of Events on 1st March at the ARC Car Park. With a mixture of rain, high breeze and then the best Caribbean weather, competitors welcomed the return to the original concept of Drag… and then the winding segments. This again proved quite attractive to both driver and patrons alike, since the “race” aspect from the start always kept everyone glued to see who would arrive at the first turn the fastest.

  • Written by Editor-in-chief
  • Category: Drags
St Lucia DragWars Sat

St.Lucia DragWars 2013 - Retribution

The island of St. Lucia is home to roughly 163,000 people, although some 300,000-400,000 visitors pass through the English- and French Creole-speaking island every year. It’s easy to see why, as St. Lucia is the quintessential vacation destination for honeymooners and families alike and famous for its twin volcanic peaks known as the Pitons. Their industries include clothing, electronics assembly, beverages, foods, packaging and agriculture, with exports like bananas, cocoa and vegetables. This means that infrastructure, transportation and energy costs are high and for the average Sent Lisyen (St. Lucian), life can sometimes be challenging. It is more so for the enthusiast, who may find it difficult to own and modify a car for racing, unless he or she runs a few profitable businesses. Why does any of this matter? It’s because this picturesque little island has secured one of the best drag strips in the English-speaking Caribbean. It’s successfully opened its doors to motorsport tourism, bringing high-octane excitement alongside its warm, friendly people and surrounded by natural beauty.

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Drags

Sheldon Bissessar wins Elite 8 Top Dragster

Sheldon Bissessar State Capitol Sheldon Bissessar, the Trinidad Rocket does it again at the State Capitol Raceway in Louisiana. Sheldon qualified #1, won the Elite 8 Top Dragster competition and reset the world record in the process to 5.78@242mph! IHRA fans were amazed at the face that Sheldon's times were close to the Nitro Class times and sometimes even faster.


  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Drags
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TT Motorsport Car Clubs

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  • C.A.R.S. - Solodex/Autocross
  • Rally Club TT - Rally
  • Side-B - Off Road
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  • Trini Truckin'
  • TTASA - Drags, Circuit, Karting
  • TTDA - Drift
  • TTKA - Karting
  • TTORC - Off Road
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