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STAG Chag Stages

  • Written by Kavita
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stagThanks to STAG - A Man's Beer, the TTRC held one hell of a spectacular loose speed stage event in Chaguaramas. A 3 foot jump added to the excitement!

Photography by Duane Boodasingh, Devi Nath, Cindy Lau and Paul Adam
Article provided by Barry Mckenzie of the TTRC

rally(From the TTRC)
JUMP JUMP !!! - The Words on every spectators lips yesterday in Chaguaramas.
On the Competitors side it was GEEZ!!!!!

Lets start the story on Saturday whilst the Committee was doing some cleaning and supposedly filling some potholes on the stage when a fleet of Trucks was noticed passing the stage area with loads of Dirt , The Brainstorm was, what about a small bump to slow the cars down a bit , so we asked the Fellas for a few loads and in the interest of rallying the goodly gentlemen gave us what we needed to repair the big crater areas and enough for an "Ok" Bump to slow the Drivers down, SLOW who!!! Not them boys!! Ainsley Lochan in the NP EVO 7 added some wings and landing became his passion on the day but how sweet it looked!
Barry in the Castrol Corolla just could not Land and he decided to make a new road by using the Corolla as a Tractor at the runoff of the Jump.

We had numerous Cars having very serious problems on the day however and the field was narrowed at the end to the strongest and best prepared cars for the Chag stage which has proven to be quite torturous on Equipment.

rallyMarcus Edghill in the EX Barry/ Ex Mc Shine Subaru Impreza made a valiant effort to be at the Event but as luck would have it he broke the Gearbox on Saturday, Michael Dinoo in the Castrol Starlet did not get their Car off the port in time (they were competing Overseas) Peter Morris is also awaiting Gearbox Parts and will be out for the Next Stage Event.

Roger in the Rallymac Impreza blew the engine on the way to the Start of the event, Rudy in the Borrowed "Bench" Corolla broke an axle on the 1st stage, tough luck guys your car control looked very good and we hope that you stay in the Driving seat. "buy the car Boy".

Allan Sookhai in the Ex Fawaz Sunny also had his share of bad luck with an apparent blown engine later in the afternoon , and the ever consistent NP/ Josef's/ Stag Evo 7 was suffering after the late retraction of the wings after the Jump and had a bent intercooler to contend with, have done those repair their hopes of a win was dashed when the Right Front Axle Broke on the Second to last stage of the Day conceding Victory to the Castrol Evo2, Barry was having his share of problem having fitted a manual gearbox to the Corolla and shifting was his problem for the day not being able to select Gears at random slowed the corolla badly and resulted in several spins and runoff which severely reduced his normal comfortable lead in the 2WD class, But guess what ! he changing Car again !!!

Folks I think it is a safe statement to make that everyone had their Fair share of car problems yesterday.
But the Event ran like clock work, Hats off to Lynette and Ralphie and their Team for a Job well done !!! "3 Cheers"
Boy!! Them people lick up the Duck provided by Sham's Duck (winner of the Curry Duck Competition) of Chaguanas he has promised to be at every Stage event we have.

rallyIn the end it was the Castrol sponsored Team of Fawaz Mohammed and Ishwar Patel in the EVO2 and Barry Mckenzie and Richard Ramsingh in the Corolla taking First place in the 4WD and 2WD Class .
Fawaz drove a very strong and steady rally, WELL DONE BOSS!
Barry was a very frustrated fella, In his own words "we made some very stupid error on the setup of the car we chose the wrong Turbo so the lag was just ridiculous, doh talk about gearbox, we were 15 seconds faster with the corolla the last time we ran this Chag stage and that was with a Naturally.phpirated car with an automatic transmission" "pressure".

Shelford Robinson in the Grease Lightning Sponsored Sunny had an early Collision with some concrete and then lost his Sump Shield exposing his oil Pan to a Rock resulting in a blown engine on the final stage of the day, this is a good thing though now the Fella will buy a Turbo engine and change the Oil!! HA HA !!!!

Colin Khan's Esso Impreza ran very very well when it had a Driver, Colin Was delayed at a family Function which he was committed to attend but rallyman as he is nothing stopping that guy from coming and eating dust for a few hours, He gets 3 Cheers for effort.


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