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AUTOSPORT Drag and Wind

  • Written by Kavita
  • Published in Drags

D&W #7, staged on 20th September proved that not withstanding the challenge, with a good concept, one can stage an exciting Event. For those who participated they thoroughly enjoyed a full day of racing, even when the rains came and tried to interrupt the fun.

Many took the opportunity to test their limits as the water and aquaplaning combined to ease the wear on tyres. Indeed most times for the day were that bit off, as track conditions slowly improved as the evening wore on. Interesting to see even the relatively new competitors also enjoying the slippery conditions, but this gave them an opportunity to gain some experience in feeling the thrill of going beyond the limit of adhesion and then collecting and correcting the direction that you ought to be aiming for.

What we again saw was the true sportsmanship by so many who continue to display such qualities even as they battle against each other for championship honours.

First there was Cecil Mooloo who shared his car with Bunny, whilst the latter effected repairs following a slight “modification” to his own Subaru at the Time Attack” event the previous week. And again as we got into running off the finals, with the last two running for a best two in three, by the third run if necessary, some degree of overheating was stepping in and a short time-out requested and easily granted by the other competitor.

And then we saw a yet another competitor, Aaron Achan registering the third consecutive perfect reaction time at ARC. And Kirk Ho Hing also going for his third consecutive Fastest-Car-Of-The–Day award.

ARA D&W#7  Results 20th Sept. 2015          

Best Reaction Time - Spons. by ADON Construction           
#277 Aaron Achan 0.00 Secs.           
Fastest Car of the Day - Sponsored by Chef Café           
# 28 Kirk Ho Hing - 53.578 Secs.


Class 60+ Secs. Sponsored by AutoSport

1st 151  Cecil Mooloo  Subaru 2000
2nd 204  Shiva Maharaj  Honda Civic 1800
3rd 613  Brent Chandler  Primera 1800
4th 111  Venus Miller  Altezza 2000

Class 59 Secs.  Sponsored by Caribel

1st 68 Ronnie Ramdeo Honda Civic 1800
2nd 909 Terr. Rampersadsingh Suzuki 1500

Class 58 Secs.  Sponsored by Nexxt Electrical Services

1st 620 Shadrach Faria Primera 2000
2nd 22 Sarah Partapsingh Mitsubishi Evo 6

Class 56 Secs. Sponsored by Cell Plus ltd.

1st 125 Nick Permanand Mitsubishi Evo 10
2nd 337 Dario Jordan Box Lancer 2000
3rd 603 Krishna Nanan Wingroad 2000

Class 55 Secs. Sponsored by   Blue Mountain Waters

1st 235 Olatunji Rudder-Fisher Subaru Impreza
2nd 48 Rajendra Singh Lucino 2000

Class 54 Secs. Sponsored by   Tuner Imports

1st 277 Aaron Achan Subaru 2000
2nd 74 Bunny Kalipersad Subaru 2000

Class OPEN  Sponsored by  CARIB

1st 28 Kirk Ho Hing Terrapin 750cc
2nd 94 Alistair Rahamut Mitsubishi Evo 5 2000
3rd 11 Brandon Steele Mitsubishi Evo 8
4th 1 Christopher Kahadar Mazda MX 5 2000

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