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TTKA March 15th 2015

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While some of you were cooking, cleaning, washing and sweeping, the TTKA was busy preparing to put on an exciting Event at the Arima Race Club Carpark. The day turned out just as we had hoped with sunny (HOTTTT) weather and as a nice compromise for the blistering heat, the strong breeze was like a magical day at the beach….yessss….I can feel it now. On hand to capture the moments were Chelsea Sobransingh of Photography by Chelsea, and the Zorcerazzi.


Qualifying started around 12:30pm and the subscribed classes for Sunday were Briggs & Stratton, Comer, Cadets, Junior Max and Rotax International. I have to give special mention to the tiny tots that make up the Cadets class. As small as these guys are (no taller than the height of my hip, seriously), they race like they are already champions. If you thought your eight year old couldn’t handle heavy machinery, think again!

And now for the fun….

It is customary to combine classes if they are not fully subscribed for a few reasons, one being that the race would not be as boring as ever seeing just two or three karts drive around a track, and that is what we did for this Event. The combined Cadet and Briggs & Stratton classes started off the day’s official racing. If you are not familiar with the loud engine noise that emanates from a Briggs & Stratton kart running on a track, then you’re quite lucky. Those buggers are LOUD. Although one of the slower classes, the Briggs & Stratton class allows new drivers to learn the track and also helps develop driving skills when it comes to navigating the track and passing fellow drivers. In my assumption, the unsuspecting Cadet class outshined the B&S class yesterday. These little guys were amazing! Liam Carrington, the son of Champion racer Gerard Carrington and Nikhil Nanan, the son of Rally Driver Haresh Nanan clearly have racing in their blood as they continue to impress us, and imagine, this is only the second event.

The 100cc & Junior Max classes were also combined for their races. Enrique De Leon, Jonmycal Sant & Isa Deen made up the Junior Max class while Haresh Nanan, Randoll Doon and Chris Sukhbir represented for the 100cc class. Their races ran relatively smooth with some minor bumping in the Junior Max category. At the end of it all, I’m sure these guys had loads of fun.

For the most anticipated class, one which I have personally grown fond of because its sooo exciting , the Rotax International class saw many familiar faces on Sunday. Reza “Bolly” Ali, Marcus “Holly” Skinner, Bridget “Star Girl” Singh, Brandon “Red” Singh, Michael Clerk, Che “Cool Kid” Carrington and Frankie “Don’t Call me Jr.” Boodram. These fellas and lady make my heart skip some serious beats when they get the green light and make that first bend at the chicane. Phew! Did I mention this class is exciting???? Reza Ali, who was breaking in a new engine was “hotting up” the track as the saying goes. And let’s not forget Marcus….he has certainly made some improvement between the last race and this one. Bridget did what she does best and that is show the other “Men” that girls can certainly race too...chuckle chuckle. Not too far behind and no stranger to us was Che Carrington who can navigate a track and the other racers with his eyes closed. This dude completes passes as smooth as…..….silk? He’s that good. Let’s not forget that he made the announcer Rae almost choke and had to take what seemed like a whole minute to clear his throat from witnessing Che’s silky smooth moves. As exciting and thrilling as the Rotax International class is, all classes and drivers meet challenges at times and the safety and health of our racers and spectators are most important to us.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you that continue to support us at every event – Family, Friends, Paparazzi, The Marshals, Sarge, Imran, Sheldon, Wayne Lee, Rae Smith, and the Lolly Man!!! To the committee that takes the necessary steps to host each event, hats off to you. To our sponsors - Presidential Insurance, Trini Tuner, Zorce Racing Magazine, Tropical Power, Gulf Lubricants – We thank you.

Our next event is scheduled to be held on Sunday April 26th at the Arima Race Club car park from 12 noon. Be sure to follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TTKarting for further updates on our events.

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