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Big Lime

TS*R Evo-Lovin' 2

EvoLovin 2

Evo love is in the air!
So its not February 14th, but its August 14th and that will do just fine!!!
We head to Wallerfield courtesy the crew from TS*R Motorsports (Trini Sport Racing) from FL in the US of A for another installation of Evo-Lovin!
  • Written by Pedram "WorkSux101" Lalla. Photography: Paul Adam, Peter Arindell, Gerrard Wilson and Duane Boodasingh
  • Category: Big Lime

Clould 9 Rave

Zoners Production

Cloud 9 Rave Thursday 21st July, 2005 @ ZEN
Zen Nightclub, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. A Zoners Production.
Zoners in collaboration with the popular Zen Nightclub finally ran the pilot Cloud9 Pre-Rave. Needless to say this party was totally hot! Lasers, Strobes, Blacklighting and the hottest trance, techno, breakbeat and drum n' bass (just a few of the genres) electronica tracks lit up Zen's entire Level 3 Rooftop as ravers moved into total immersion. Thanks to this event's success, Cloud 9 Rave Thursdays are here to stay...
  • Written by -Photography by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Big Lime

Carnival 2009

Zorce Carnival Coverage 2009

Trinidad & Tobago's National Festival

Dates: February 23-24 2009
Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Accredited Photographers: 

Prints are available.

  • Written by Kavita
  • Category: Big Lime

Miami September 2008

Happened to pass by a BMW dealership in Miami, couldn't help ourselves when we saw what was inside!...

  • Written by Kavita
  • Category: Big Lime

EvoLovin on Valentines Day

EvoLovin Valentine's Day

St. Valentine must be turning in his grave!!!
Last Saturday, albeit Valentines day, we convinced our significant other that if we were going to subject ourselves to a romantic evening of extreme mushiness then we at least deserve the opportunity to redeem our masculinity by spending a day on the track. Well some of us just plain begged and pleaded, but never the less, we made it to Wallerfield (significant other riding shotgun).
Three Evo's, two cameras and a partridge in a pear treeeee!!!!
  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Category: Big Lime

TT Motorsport Car Clubs

  • Autosport - Drags, Drag & Wind
  • C.A.R.S. - Solodex/Autocross
  • Rally Club TT - Rally
  • Side-B - Off Road
  • Trail Blazers - Off Road
  • Trini Truckin'
  • TTASA - Drags, Circuit, Karting
  • TTDA - Drift
  • TTKA - Karting
  • TTORC - Off Road
  • TTundra - Drag Racing