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Classifieds: PDA Toyota 86

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Published in Classifieds

Make: Toyota
Model: 86 / GT86
Engine Size: 2000cc
Engine Configuration: F4/Boxer
Fuel Injection: Yes
HP when new: 200hp
Transmission: Single-Clutch Automatic with Tiptronic and Paddle Shifters
Mileage: 104,514+ km
Asking Price: TT$290K
Negotiable: YES

Dealer-maintained Toyota 86 with factory body kit, no issues, new brake pads (F&R), recently changed tyres, lady driven

Owner/Seller Contact: 678-9477


Zorce Basic Test Drive Notes: 
Chassis feels solid, car corners like new, shock absorbers are nice and firm, brakes feel good.
Engine feels strong, transmission shifts normally. Paint is in fair condition. Interior/Trunk in good condition.
Car is in good working order, all electricals/features/lights working.

Minor suspension noises, possible wheel bearing noise.  
Minor dings can be fixed with paintless dent removal. Minor scratches.
Cracked taillight needs to be replaced. Adhesive can be refreshed on body kit.

Test Drive info: Narend 727-7248


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