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Fuel-saving Ultimate Cell from ANSA Technologies

  • Written by Narend Sooknarine
  • Published in Engineering

By now many are familiar with the fact that ANSA Motors sells the Honda City CNG, the JinBei CNG Maxi Buses and Freightliner CNG-powered trucks. But what solution is there for those who are unable or unwilling to purchase a brand new CNG vehicle, or CNG kit? Could there be something smaller and less complex that could be fitted to your existing vehicle? The answer is yes, and for a fraction of the cost, too. The Ultimate Cell is a hydrogen-generating fuel cell that is tiny enough to be installed in your engine bay.


The Ultimate Cell’s footprint is around the size of a snapback or baseball hat but about twice the height. It requires minimal connections for power and a small feeder tube that’s plumbed into the vehicle’s intake. Once the system is configured for your vehicle’s power level, it’s good to go. The Ultimate Cell is capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent, while exhaust emissions can see a maximum of an 80 per cent reduction in harmful emissions. Engine performance is also improved.


The system works by initiating an electronically controlled electrolysis process that releases hydrogen molecules from the electrolyte fluid inside the Ultimate Cell unit. The hydrogen gas is delivered in small non-destructive amounts to your engine’s air intake. The system is designed to produce hydrogen only when required, based on throttle commands. 


The introduction of hydrogen into the combustion chamber acts as a catalyst and ensures faster and more complete fuel burn. We’re not expecting any serious power gains, but having seen catalyst-type fuel additives at work, we’re expecting to see better fuel mileage at the very least.  


You can also test the system before purchasing it! For a limited time, you can be part of the ANSA Technologies Test customer group where the European-manufactured Ultimate Cell system will be installed in your vehicle for up to 30 days of evaluation before purchase. There are diesel, truck and marine versions of the Ultimate Cell as well!


Each round of electrolyte is good for close to 50,000km. Naturally, as a participant of the test programme, you will be expected to provide fuel consumption data to compare results on and off the system.


We’ve decided to take the offer and in our next article we’ll have the Ultimate Cell installed in one of our vehicles– the manual 2.0-litre Hyundai Elantra, which we intend to test on the road and on the dyno. Stay tuned. 

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