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What is ZORCE?

Zorce is an independent Trinidad-based Caribbean Magazine that showcases Speed Lifestyle. We focus on various aspects of this new culture that are readily available to those who treasure it. We also bring to the fore new facets, ideas and arenas in which this lifestyle can be fulfilled, enjoyed or at least appreciated.

Where did we get the name? Trinidad slang. It's been in our local vernacular for decades, being used to describe (and exclaim) that something was fast, powerful and that it looked good or felt good. Hmmm... now what are you thinking? The typical usage would be "man, that car have real ZORCE in it!" Another could be "I was real Zorceing it coming down the highway" (speeding). Well, you get the idea...

The other debate regarding the Zorce name had to do with its spelling. We decided on our version "ZORCE" because of its semblance to "Force" which perhaps is THE word that really conveys the idea in many senses (Star Wars anyone?). Upon our introduction to the Market shortly after Trinidad Carnival 2001, we seemingly acquired a few namesakes, we don't mind once they don't.  The common factor though is that all versions convey an idea of excitement, performance, speed and power, the attitude or the racer, the enthusiast, the spectator and anyone who feels the rush. We though, are ZORCE, the Speed Lifestyle Magazine, the Racing Mag in De Islands...

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Editor's Note - Z12

The EditorEarthquakes, a changing climate and a global recession that is crawling onwards are all over the news. While there is hardship as a result, the exciting part is in fact the recovery. It’s amazing to see the World come together to help Haiti. Global recession has brought about a few new good things in this current climate of consolidation– in the form of the seriously good small car.

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Click on image to enlarge, then right click to download. 

BMW 6-Series @ Bavarian Motors Showroom

 Nissan Laurel @ MK Promotions' All-Car-Holics 5Exotix Cycle's Chopper@ Hooters Bike Night.









Exotix Cycle's Chopper@ Hooters Bike Night.

The Amazing Mr. Lewis @ MK Promotions' All-Car-Holics 5 Ferrari 360 Modena @ Millenia.










Marsden Gordon's Intergra Type-R Turbo @ AutoTrax 3-Apr-05. Lamborghini Gallardo @ Millenia. KARMA's DUB City Altezza @ AutoTrax 3-Apr-05.









John Powell driving his ex-Carlos Sainz WRC Corolla at Rally Trinidad 2005. PORSCHE Boxster @ Lakeland Drag Strip, FLORIDA 6-Aug-05 John Powell driving his ex-Carlos Sainz WRC Corolla at Rally Trinidad 2005.









Evolution Faceoff at ASPL Test & Tune, 16-Oct-05

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Zorce Music



Zorce Racing Magazine presents... Braaaap

Featuring some of our very own Zorcelings and a few very talented forum members of Trinituner.com. This hilarious must-have download is available in two versions– Click the links to choose one:

Zorce Track


One happy happy day we'll have a full ZorceCD filled with original music. Thanks to Apple's easy to use Garageband™ and iTunes™ we've been able to try our hand at composing. This track sounds about as mixed up as we are, but we've been told it's worth listening to.
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