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  • Carib Beer Great Crate Race 2016

    July 16th was the date set for the 2016 edition of the Carib Beer great crate race. This year the location was set as Chaquacabana beach resort, formerly known as the cove which is just before Tetron barracks. On the western side of the island. This year marked the sixth year for the event.

  • Carib Great Race 2004 after Parade Boat Show @ Grand Bazaar


    Trinidad Carib Beer GirlsThe Boats participating in the 2004 Great Race were on display at the Grand Bazaar. Carib Brewery, title sponsor for GR2004 took advantage of the opportunity to show off some of their hot new merchandise, worn by the ever popular Carib Girls..

  • The Carib Great Race 2004

    Mr. Solo clears the air at Carib Great Race 2004

    The real thing. The longest running powerboat race in the world. 95 miles of pure exhilaration that you can never truly experience unless you run it yourself. It's either that or get yourself on a helicopter and go see it up close. For many people Great Race is a 'big lime' as we say in Trinidad. The biggest of this kind for the year as far as anyone is concerned. Until you can see the highlights on television and the pictures you can only imagine. We teamed up with Extreme Motorsports to get you in on the action. So... what are you waiting for?

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