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TTDRA Sunday Drag Racing

Its been a long while since we've seen this much bike action on the quarter mile at wallerfield. A welcome return as the TTDRA Sunday Racers held another sucsessful street car drag racing event. There was also the introduction of an all motor class.

  • Written by Editor. - Photos by Duane Boodasingh, Cindy Lau, Candace Bhagirath and Paul Adam
  • Category: Drags

ASPL Official Drag Racing

Things must be getting better for drag racing when not one 16second competitor shows up and 11 and 12sec brackets are filled with street cars!!! ASPL shows us the proper way to stage a 1320 competition.

  • Written by AutoSport. - Photos by by Duane Boodasingh, Gerrard Wilson, Paul M. Adam, Narend Sooknarine and Candace Bhagirath
  • Category: Drags

ASPL Dial-up Saturday Drag Racing

ASPL has been working 12 hour days to make the new South track ready for this weekend. But not with out some quirks still to be ironed out. The dial-up action on Saturday was a good test for Sunday's Official Racing action.

  • Written by Editor. - Photos by Narend Sooknarine and Gerrard Wilson
  • Category: Drags

TTDRA Sunday Racers Drag Racing

North vs. South was the billing for this event and a huge crowd showed up at Wallerfield circuit track straight-away to see this battle. The final result for this round was North-1, South-0. However the battle is not over yet. Word has it that the South boys were just testing the waters.

  • Written by Editor. - Photos by Narend Sooknarine and Gerrard Wilson
  • Category: Drags

TTDRA Sunday Drags

The newly formed Trinidad & Tobago Drag Racers Association held its first event for 2005 at the straight-away of the circuit track (south track) on Easter Sunday. So far, there is no timing equipment as yet but this did not deter hundreds of racers who turned up ready to race!


  • Written by Editor - Photography by Gerrard Wilson
  • Category: Drags
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