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Driving Impressions

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Driving Impressions

The Hyundai Veloster

Sport, as it pertains to cars, comes in all sorts of flavours these days. You can have it mild, wild, shaken or just stirred in to enhance the formula to make any car that much more stimulating. Hyundais of late have been uniquely exciting cars, because they have finally hit the mark in terms of value, style, product differentiation, reliability and as such, resale value. We featured the launch activities for the Hyundai Veloster in the last issue and after months of waiting and being told that our test drive cars had already been sold we were finally able to dip a finger or two in the pudding as it was finally time to drive.

Zorce drives the Ford Ranger

Ford’s Ranger Sets the New Standard

The atmosphere was bristling with anticipation as our group of invited journalists from the Caribbean and Central America was warmly received at the lavish Bristol Buenaventura Resort Hotel on Panama’s Pacific coast, some two hours from Panama City.

On our first official evening we joined Ford officials and other media representatives for cocktails and dinner. Naturally, the new Ford Ranger was the hot topic of the evening and everyone spoke glowingly of Ford’s performance in their respective markets versus the competition from Nissan and Toyota. We heard from Chris Sirju of The Gleaner about the remote, mountainous regions in Jamaica where Suzukis and Land Rover Defenders are the only means of getting around due to the crude roads and limited infrastructure. Everyone, it seemed, was well aware of who the real performers were in the current market. We did all agree on one thing though– the last few generations of the Ranger had excelled in terms of sales, reliability and on- and off-road performance, a fact that was reflected in the large numbers of happy owners. The Ford team skillfully recognised our concerns and noted our comments without giving away too much.

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